allmanhall partner with Foodsteps


Together, Foodsteps and allmanhall are making data accessible, to help inform decisions for school caterers and pupils.

Readily available environmental impact data

The allmanhall and Foodsteps partnership will enable catering teams to benefit from the award-winning platform. By uploading recipes, it becomes possible to understand the environmental impact of menus via carbon footprint per ingredient and a clear rating tool.  

“Enhanced understanding and availability of information are vital steps towards more sustainable food supply” believes allmanhall’s MD, Oliver Hall.

Say Foodsteps; “What children eat matters. We need urgent and sustained change in our food system to address both the climate and obesity crises we face. Supporting young people to make good food choices is a hugely important job, in which we’re proud to play our part. We’re excited to be partnering with allmanhall to help independent schools play a leading role in reducing their food carbon footprints. Foodsteps is making its mark within foodservice and we look forward to engaging further with the independent education sector through allmanhall and the relationships the business has built over the years.”

Supporting your sustainability targets

Foodsteps can be used to set and monitor targets, improve a menu or product’s sustainability and develop new recipes.

allmanhall are able, exclusively, to offer the award-winning Foodsteps platform to independent education in-house catering teams. Why not contact allmanhall directly today for details about how we can help your school?

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