Now more than ever, is it time to benefit from in-house catering?

in house catering staff preparing food

Hayden Hibbert, allmanhall’s Client Relations Director at allmanhall, takes a look. Hayden was previously head of catering at a group of international schools and applies his extensive practical, hands-on experience to provide valuable insight and expert perspective…

School Food Standards: the latest


The Food Standards Agency and Department for Education have announced that 18 local authorities, are taking part in a School Food Standards compliance pilot project this academic year.

Chocolate trends for 2023 and beyond


Chocolate trends change each year and there is a shift in the modern consumer to be more ethically conscious. Today there is a greater demand for sustainability credentials, ethics, health benefits, as well as a tasty and often festive treat, of course! Read our blog to find out more…

Food inflation outlook


With the twelve-month rate for CPI food inflation reaching 16.5% it feels like we are getting closer to peak food inflation. Our Procurement and Sustainability Director, Mike Meek, provides an update on the food inflation outlook in 2023…

Far-ranging and far-reaching factors forcing food inflation

Consumer inflation shopping trolley

Oliver Hall, MD at allmanhall, explains “there are a wide-ranging number of reasons why we are currently experiencing such significant food inflation. Our global food supply chain comes with input cost factors that originate far beyond these shores.” Read on to learn more and to understand what this means for food procurement and food supply chain management…

Reducing the carbon footprint in food supply chain management

Reducing the carbon footprint in food supply chain management

allmanhall are currently helping clients with the challenge of tackling complex supply chain emissions. They are partnering to offer a carbon impact assessment tool that measures carbon intensity in recipes. The ultimate goal is to support sustainable choices by the end consumer, via visibility of data. Read on to find out more…


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