Easter done sustainably

The Last Supper

We examine the ingrained cultural traditions surrounding food at Easter. Why is it we eat lamb to celebrate this time of year? Is there a more sustainable but equally tasty alternative to eating meat at our Christian celebrations? Read on to find out!

Microplastics in your food

Microplastics on fingers

It has been reported that microplastics have been found in humans for the first time. These microplastics can cause damage to human cells and therefore pose a risk to our health. We look at how our relationship with plastic impacts the presence of microplastics in our ecosystems.

Overview of the strawberry industry

We examine the current state of the UK strawberry industry and analyse how Brexit, innovations and robotics are changing the way the industry operates.

Sustainability and Climate Change: Reviewing the Department for Education’s draft strategy

DFE Sustainability & Climate Change

In November 2021, the Department for Education released a draft strategy focusing on environmental sustainability. Its vision? For the UK to be the “the world-leading education sector in sustainability and climate change by 2030.” It has been created for engagement purposes, to be reviewed between November 2021 and March 2022. The final strategy is then to be published April 2022. Here we share some key points from the draft strategy with you. Read on for your overview…

How Covid-19 has changed catering operations

Covid safe catering operation

Whilst the Covid pandemic is still causing some disruption to catering operations across the UK, catering operators rose to the challenge and implemented several changes to their operations to ensure they produced exceptional food whilst maintaining a Covid safe working environment.

Reopening catering operations during Covid-19

Reopening catering operations during Covid-19

The Covid pandemic has challenged the long-established norm for catering teams. As we prepare for and undertake remobilisation in order to re-open in line with the milestones laid out by the Prime Minister on 22 February 2020, many catering functions and operations teams are seeing this time as an opportunity to innovate. Getting orders in with plenty of notice will be imperative!

Sustainability in Food Supply

Sustainability in food supply chains

The 2020s have been termed the ‘critical decade’ for sustainable development implementation. While the topic can be overwhelming and riddled with confusing information, what is clear is that we need to collectively improve our understanding of sustainable food systems and identify actions that we can all put in place to make a difference…