Overview of the strawberry industry

We examine the current state of the UK strawberry industry and analyse how Brexit, innovations and robotics are changing the way the industry operates.

Traditional Christmas dinners around the world

Traditional Christmas dinner around the world

Christmas isn’t just a popular celebration here in the UK, many countries globally not only celebrate Christmas but have their own dinner traditions for the occasion. In this blog, we take a look at the various Christmas dinners around the world! Have a read and you may feel inspired to mix up your Christmas this year…

Making the pounds go further – coping strategies for rising food prices

Food inflation money stacks

Food inflation is a reality we are all feeling at the moment. Whilst allmanhall are negotiating proposed price increases, advising on product alternatives and range management, as well as mitigating risks on behalf of caterers, there are a number of other things you can also be doing. These will help lessen the impact of the rising cost of food and make your budget go further! Read on for some sound advice…

Microplastics in your food

Microplastics on fingers

It has been reported that microplastics have been found in humans for the first time. These microplastics can cause damage to human cells and therefore pose a risk to our health. We look at how our relationship with plastic impacts the presence of microplastics in our ecosystems.

Supporting sustainable eating in schools

Fresh produce sustainable eating

Tess Warnes BSc RD, Company Dietitian at allmanhall explores the considerations around encouraging and supporting sustainable eating in schools. What roles can caterers and dietitians play and what developments are on the horizon?

Why are cloves associated with Xmas?

Cloves on a white background

Think of cloves and you think of Christmas, but where does this spice originate, and why is it intrinsically linked to our festive celebrations?

Eating insects to save the world

Fried insects on two white plates

Over 2 billion people regularly eat insects. Yet western food culture does not embrace eating insects as food. Can eating insects save the world?

The importance of bees in agriculture

Bumble bees on pollinating a purple flower

Why are bees so important in agriculture and food production? Discover why without bees it would cost UK farmers £1.8 billion a year to pollinate crops.


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