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allmanhall and Foodsteps are delighted to be able to announce their exclusive partnership; the award-winning food procurement experts team up with the ground-breaking carbon impact assessment technology business. Read on to learn more…

Food trends for 2022

Food trends for 2022

Keen to understand the latest food trends? Want to get your head around terms such as ‘flexitarian’, climatarian and reducetarian? Intrigued about ‘blended meat’ options and potato milk? Here we share some insight and look at ‘awareness’ as one of the key themes for 2022. Read on to learn more about things to consider when planning your catering procurement…

Seasonality and food trends to kick off 2021

Food trends in 2021

As the indulgence of the festive holiday draws to a close, many will have finished the last of the cheese and mince pies and either despite or because of Lockdown 3.0, look to start 2021 with a focus on health and wellbeing. Here we look at foods that are in season and may support these healthy eating aspirations or trends for early 2021…

Coffee trends & innovation in 2020

Cup of Coffee and Milk

British coffee consumption stands at over 95 million cups per day and the beverage’s popularity shows no signs of slowing down. Here’s the trends predicted for 2020.

Veganuary – the rise of meatless meat

A third of the UK population is now eating less meat and fish than two years ago, but what are the plant-based alternatives on offer to tempt us away from our traditional diet?

Key chocolate trends

Dark Chocolate Bar

When we think of comfort food, chocolate typically comes to mind. But how has chocolate changed over time? Discover key chocolate trends in 2019.