Chocolate trends for 2023 and beyond


Chocolate trends continue to change each year and there is a shift in the modern consumer to be more ethically conscious and there is a greater demand for sustainability credentials, ethics, health benefits and more. As well as a tasty and often festive treat, of course!


This is a growing trend for traceability and transparent supply chains across the food sector; chocolate is no exception. Today’s consumer is concerned about where their products/food have come from. There has therefore been increased pressure on the chocolate industry to be less opaque about their sourcing and supply chains. According to Chocolate Academy 56% of millennial consumer what to know more about where their chocolate confections come from” .



As the number of dairy-free consumers rises due to increase in both dietary choices and an awareness of lactose intolerance, the demand for lactose-free chocolate has also risen. This sector of the chocolate market is predicted to grow exponentially in the coming years to become a multimillion market by 2028 according to MarketWatch.

Health Conscious

There is a continued growing trend towards healthier chocolate, whether this be sugar-free or packed with healthier ingredients that have a positive impact on our well-being. Dark chocolate is predicted to be the fastest growing chocolate this year. Whilst other health trends such as raw cocoa used in a variety of ‘health snacks’ continue to evolve in popularity.

Growing markets

There is to be continued growth from Asia Pacific markets this year and beyond as Asia continues to embrace Western food. India and China are specifically highlighted as nations with the fastest-growing sweet tooth and therefore market opportunity.


As food inflation continues, the impact can be seen across the food industry. Chocolate manufactures have been no exception, utilising shrinkflation to help stabilise their prices. This where the price of the chocolate stays the same but the size of pack, or quantity or volume, is reduced. Clever packaging can help make this subtle and therefore not necessarily noticeable by the consumer. This has been evident across the chocolate industry during 2022.


To see what 2023 may bring, keep checking our blog page for updates & insights.

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