Unprecedented support in unprecedentedly challenging times

Supply Chain Disruption

How allmanhall have been helping clients and the supply chain…

What have our clients needed?

In the face of 2021’s food supply chain disruptions allmanhall’s team of Buyers, Client Relationship Managers and Client Support Advisors worked tirelessly to support clients in mitigating the risks and supply challenges and managing their food deliveries.

As food procurement experts, we have also been engaged continuously with many hundreds of negotiations with suppliers and have successfully reduced or even negated myriad price increase proposals. Our clients have needed to be able to still deliver a good quality, nutritious food and timely service. Without exception they have acknowledged that allmanhall’s expert supply chain management support has been more valuable than ever before.

Repton School

“We manage an extremely high-volume in-house catering service across multiple locations, which is not just challenging but also operationally complex. Delivering the very best food and service for our pupils and staff is absolutely paramount. Considering the extreme supply chain challenges over the past few months, I am extremely grateful that we have been supported throughout by our partners at allmanhall. They have delivered proactive daily support and advice to resolve supplier issues and mitigated the many supplier pricing increase proposals. Their support though such a difficult time has been invaluable.”

– Stuart Burt – Head of Catering, Repton Schools

Notaro Care Homes

“We have one point of contact… I would certainly recommend allmanhall as a great support.” 

– Leila Sharkey – Operations Manager, Notaro Care Homes

Food procurement support

How have allmanhall managed the food supply chain and reduced disruption for clients?

  • Reviewing delivery frequency – consolidating orders ensuring they are of as high a value as practicable, we have worked with clients to ensure a smooth transition from maximum delivery days to minimum delivery days per week.
  • Working with clients to review delivery times, where practicable giving suppliers more flexible delivery windows.
  • Placing orders earlier giving greater lead times which supports the supplier in planning of delivery routes etc. Our clients are now place orders on day 1 for delivery on day 3.
  • Recommending holding emergency stock – not suggesting stockpiling, however an emergency stock level has reduced pressure to provide the service in the event of potential shortages in delivery. Where possible, clients have purchased or rented additional refrigeration space to allow for a greater stock holding.
  • Support for re-engineering menus, aligning them with supply chain capability rather than being reliant on the previous delivery expectations. This has included not publishing the menus too far in advance and reducing the number of options.
  • Reviewing the number of suppliers – consolidating the number of orders via fewer suppliers, to support increasing order value.
  • Through our client information portal, The Pass, we have proactively issued detailed delist & OOS reports with suggested alternatives. This allowed operators to choose an alternative product if original items are out of stock.
  • Managing suppliers appropriately, offering regular supply chain updates to keep operators informed if disruption to service is likely.
  • Identifying alternative suppliers for specific products thus allowing operators more flexibility and helping them mitigate some risk.
Badminton School

“Having information emailed on a daily basis plus receiving greater details available via “The Pass” has been invaluable in allowing us to plan and adjust menus for any potential shortages or late deliveries, during the current logistic situation. allmanhall are always readily available to further support our service enabling us to continually serve our customers.”

– James Lindsay – Operations Manager, Badminton School

Midshire Signature Services

“Working with allmanhall has been better than having our own purchasing department. The benefits are not just financial… Nothing is too much trouble.”

 – Sue Bradwell – Managing Director, Midshire Signature Services Ltd

How have allmanhall mitigated price increase proposals?

  • We have analysed clients’ bespoke basket of purchases and issued ‘buy right’ range management reports. These detail alternative products available for operators to enable them to generate savings on high value lines with an easy switch of product.
  • Approached supplier negotiations from a position of strength, using real market data and insight to fairly but robustly challenge every percent proposed.
  • Utilised our considerable volume spend of £50million + to leverage improved results for clients.
  • Implemented disciplined Approved Buying Lists (ABLs) to reduce clients’ number of SKU’s and drive further value.
  • Tendered suppliers and substituted for more competitive alternatives, without impacting quality or service.
  • Benchmarked additional categories such as cleaning and housekeeping, to not only deliver better pricing but also to increase average drop values and enhance delivery efficiencies. This also had the added benefit of incorporating other supply categories into allmanhall’s central billing framework.
  • Minimised split cases where practicable.
  • Implemented costed recipes through our catering platform to support clients’ visibility of actual spend per head, with live pricing.
  • Delivered consultancy advice for catering teams and operators, on budgeting and cost control.


What do our clients say?

Burgess Hill Girls School

“allmanhall have continued to support me and my team by delivering expert advice, guidance and support throughout. Considering the current inflationary pressures, allmanhall have managed to mitigate a number of price increase proposals from our suppliers. The success of these negotiations has allowed me the opportunity to alleviate some of the budgetary pressures and focus on the task of producing exceptional food for the pupils and staff. I would be in a very different place had I not had the support of allmanhall and I am incredibly grateful for all their hard work managing my suppliers and mitigating the significant price increases that are now filtering down the supply chain”.

 – Alan Pierce – Catering Manager, Burgess Hill Girls’ School

Midshire Signature Services

“We find allmanhall proactive in managing price increases and even decreases, and extremely responsive when needed”.

– Sue Bradwell – Managing Director, Midshire Signature Services Ltd

Now more than ever, working with a food procurement expert is proving to be essential. allmanhall are offering support that foodservice catering operations can rely on when they need it most.

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