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Expert food procurement is at the very heart of what we do. By working with allmanhall, you will enjoy catering cost savings, with hands on support. We don’t just help with food, but with all catering-related items – from disposables and kit, to cleaning products and essential equipment. We believe good food shouldn’t cost the Earth and actively provide our clients with insights to help them make informed decisions.

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  • Food and catering-related procurement to enable cost savings
  • Housekeeping, cleaning and safety products and equipment. This includes PPE and disposables. 
  • Benchmarking, improvement proposals and procurement reviews
  • Help with logistical procurement considerations
  • Proactive procurement and cost in use advice
  • Supply chain management, including contract management and case resolution
  • A hands on team with a focus on delivery, your needs and relationships
  • Support for sustainability goals and enabling greater transparency of your menu’s carbon footprint
  • Tender management
  • Ensuring compliance
  • Achieving accreditations
  • Provision of reports and insights, coupled with recommendations
  • Procurement platforms – digital solutions, as part of our service rather than at additional cost
  • A catering control platform – to enable EDI and to track and manage every penny of spend

But our mission to enable the best food, the best cost savings and the best support goes further than this…

Foodservice consultancy, from experienced experts

Our foodservice consultants can provide support for compliance and practical advice on safety, security and regulation. What sets us apart is our unrivalled catering experience and the hands on support we deliver.

Our registered Dietitians are available to enable enhanced nutritional standards and wellbeing.

We provide a full range of foodservice consultancy support to choose from, so you can access the support and expertise to specifically suit your needs. 

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