The Brighter Burger

Starting a revolution and saving the planet, one delicious bite at a time...

Together with our partners and top innovators, allmanhall have collaborated to create a deliciously tasty premium meat alternative: The Brighter Burger.

The smart and informed choice, kind to the planet without compromising on taste experience. 


Don’t just take our word for it…

“It was very good! I didn’t even notice it was plant based until I came back for a second…”     
“… the most delicious burger I have ever tasted.”

Our revolutionary burger only emits 0.34kg CO2e compared to 5.77kg CO2e in a standard beef burger.

The Brighter Burger carbon emissions are  less than 6% versus a beef burger. Wow!

Overall, 74% polled said they would like to see
The Brighter Burger on the menu!

“Very tasty, for someone enjoys meat but is fussy about the quality of it, this was delicious!”

“Best tasting meat free burger.”

“I normally don’t like meat alternative foods. The burger was tasty and tasted high quality.

Feedback from taste trials at Epsom College, April 2024

What makes The Brighter Burger soooooo good?! Well, a few things...

Incredible taste – We’ve tasted plenty of plant-based burgers and this is one of the best alternatives in taste, texture, looks and smell in comparison to a regular beef burger. With Redefine Meat’s incredible premium patty, coupled with the delicious vegan mayo from Rubies, and held within the fantastic Wildfarmed bun, this makes for an unforgettable experience.

Low carbon footprint – In comparison to a standard beef burger, The Brighter Burger releases only 0.34kg of co2e per burger (Based on LCA data from Klimato), a figure that places it well in line with the planetary health diets of 1.85kg of co2e per kg target. So it’s not only a tasty choice, but a smart choice and one that supports a bright future for our planet.

Reduced emissions – A standard beef burger emits an estimated 5.77kg of co2e, (based on LCA data from Foodsteps), whereas the total impact of The Brighter Burger is 0.34 kg of co2e (based on LCA data from both foodsteps and Klimato). For a full breakdown of the impacts of ingredients, please see the tables below. Be informed and make a bright decision!

The Brighter Burger carbon emissions are less than 6% versus a beef burger. Wow!

good buns

By switching to an alternative plant-based protein source, The Brighter Burger helps reduce waste and inefficiencies in the food system. In addition to this, by using Rubies in the Rubble sauces, we support them in their work to use surplus food products in the manufacturing of their products.

Our buns are made with Wildfarmed flour, which is grown regeneratively. Their techniques help promote soil health, sequester carbon, and support biodiversity, all without relying on any pesticides.

wildfarmed flour for Good Buns
Redefine meat patties for good buns

(Redefine Meat patty)

The Redefine Meat patty at the heart of The Brighter Burger is fortified with vitamins and minerals including B12, and Zinc. It is high in protein, and also contains fibre, a key compound not found in animal proteins, which helps keep digestive systems healthy. Please see the dietary breakdown of the patty below.

redefine meat burger

The Brighter Burger
(patty by Redefine Meat)

Calories: 183 kcal

Protein: 11g

Fibre: 5g

Salt: 0.95g

Saturated fat: 8.5g

Zinc: 4.2mg

B12: 3µg

Kalina, a Sixth Form student at Epsom College summed it up saying:

“It was great. I want more of it! So good.”

Epsom College Student with Brighter Burger
Epsom College Logo


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