Sustainable Supply

From providing inspiration regarding more sustainable supply or product alternatives to enabling carbon labelling and impact assessment tools for menus, allmanhall supports sustainability and transparency throughout the food supply chain.

Sustainable supply

 “Over the next few years, when buying food, we will find sustainability or environmental impact data is as readily available as nutrition or allergen data is today. Enhanced understanding and availability of information are vital steps towards more sustainable food supply.”

– Oliver Hall, allmanhall’s Managing Director

We seek to provide our clients with choice when it comes to what products they buy and the suppliers with whom they work.

We don’t tell clients what they can and can’t order, but do enable the provision of better access to information to help them make their own more sustainable decisions.

This includes our partnership with the award-winning carbon impact assessment platform, Foodsteps.

The same goes for enabling foodservice operations’ provision of information regarding sustainability in the food supply chain to their end consumer. Foodsteps, with allmanhall’s support, will help!

We also work with suppliers to drive standards for sustainable food supply.

At allmanhall we believe good food shouldn’t cost the Earth. Contact us to find out more.