Technology & Platforms

We don’t just provide one, generic, procurement portal or tech solution; our experience tells us that needs will be distinct; so, every client benefits from a slightly differently designed ‘package’ when it comes to the technology we offer.

Our . deliver improved food procurement and control

As part of our procurement solution, allmanhall provide clients with:

  • Our simple and intuitive procurement portal, The Pass
  • An industry-leading catering control platform – with modules to suit your needs
  • A range of other solutions, based on your unique requirements.

“The knowledge and confidence provided… has transcended across the department and it’s hard to know how we ever managed without.”

– James Lindsay, Operations Manager, Badminton School

The Pass is your ticket to food insights, information and inspiration.

As part of the mobilisation process, allmanhall provide log in details to clients and set up training workshops to ensure you will get the most out of The Pass… however it is very intuitive and easy to use.

Stay up to date

Covid-19 updates

Brexit news

View invoices

Download resources

Supplier details

Commodity summaries

Blogs and insights

Food innovations

Dedicated support

Manage cases

Offers and promotions

Menu & nutritional analysis

Recipe and ideas sharing

Training tools

…and more! All to save you time, share advice and news, put information and reports at your fingertips and help you, day to day.

The Pass has a specific section dedicated to COVID-19 updates and resources that may be of use to you and your team at this time.

You can read more here.

Catering control platform

Our industry leading catering control platform enables EDI and allows you to track and manage every penny of spend… and so much more.

EDI and central billing

Stock control




There are a number of different modules and it may be that you are only interested in certain ones. That is no problem! There is no requirement to use them all – we’re here to find the solution that best suits you. And to bring the benefits of the platform to life.

For example, look how simply EDI can be enabled, by working with allmanhall…

Trading Process

All this is part of our procurement solution, tailored to you. It comes at no cost and is yet another essential benefit we deliver.

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