Why allmanhall?

We proactively manage the food and catering supply chain on your behalf, to inspire improvement in your food procurement activity. This will start with catering cost savings through food cost negotiation but will encompass so much more…

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Food cost negotiation skills of our expert buyers and leveraged purchase volumes deliver catering cost savings for every client.


A dedicated business support team, working closely with clients, meeting unique needs and resolving supply challenges effectively. 


Our catering control platform enables administrative efficiencies and allows clients to track and manage stock and every penny of spend.


Detailed insight and analysis, mitigating risk and price increases. Advising and keeping clients up to date, in an ever-changing marketplace.

The Pass

A catering portal exclusively for our clients. Access reports, invoices, spend analysis and supplier details at the click of a button. 

We are experts in food cost negotiation and fully understand the intricacies of supply chain management, movement in commodity markets, food inflation and market trends. We apply this insight to deliver improved food procurement for our clients.

By working with allmanhall, you will enjoy catering cost savings and extensive hands-on support. We provide administrative efficiencies via EDI and central billing. Our online portal, The Pass, provides clients with access to the latest market reports and insights, whilst our catering control platform puts you in control of your catering operation with information on spend, SKUs and stock at your fingertips.

allmanhall's 4 pillars of procurement - value, control, insight, support.


As procurement experts, allmanhall provide full management of the foodservice and housekeeping supply chain. This currently delivers catering cost savings, quality improvements and significant administrative efficiencies.

How do we do this?

  • Negotiation skills of qualified buyers
  • Procurement expertise
  • Leveraged purchase volumes
  • A proven and competitive pricing structure

These achieve value and cost savings for each and every client.


We start by undertaking a benchmark exercise. Benchmarking a weighted basket allows decisions based on facts. The aim is to provide a detailed view of current catering procurement, together with recommendations to help identify opportunities for adding greater value, such as cost savings.

Our Head of Finance and Insights (ACMA) and Procurement Manager (MCIPS) manage our benchmarks. This ensures there is total conformity with the CIPS code of ethics. Our team of procurement experts refine the best purchase mix to suit each clients’ needs and proactively conduct ‘Buy Right’ analysis and ‘range management’ support.

Cost down, not quality down

Financial savings are often the reason clients start working with allmanhall; clear cost savings without comprising on quality. We help clients get the most from budgets and increase margins. This cost down, not quality down, focus is key. Our approach then goes beyond this; we continue to drive savings whilst supporting clients in other ways, to add value and inspire improvement.

Why not see examples of these savings, and download case studies, here?


Our clients benefit from outstanding procurement support from the dedicated allmanhall team. This ensures the very highest level of day-to-day assistance. Our support is multi-faceted and delivered over many levels. Consequently, clients’ unique needs are met, and supply challenges resolved effectively.

A personal touch

The whole allmanhall team are committed to delivering for our clients. A named Client Support Advisor is assigned to each client. Proactively contacting the catering team on a regular basis, they manage supplier issues and ensure prompt resolution.

Mobilisation and training support

The allmanhall team support and run the mobilisation process efficiently and effectively. From our extensive experience, the mobilisation process works most effectively when the catering teams are fully involved in the decision to work with allmanhall. This means we can meet their day-to-day requirements.

allmanhall’s catering controls platform team will initially train all clients. They are then on hand to provide support. In addition to this training, allmanhall offer workshops and chances for clients to share ideas, network and be inspired.

Administrative support

We assist with central billing, stock takes, recipe compilation and reporting. The trading process developed by allmanhall combines efficiency with ease. This process is proven to save time, reduce errors and provide a transparent audit trail.

Supplier management and case resolution support

Our Client Support Team aim to respond to calls and email queries as soon as they are raised. All cases adhere to allmanhall’s clearly defined process, are monitored by our Client Support Manager and tracked via a help desk function. allmanhall offers product and delivery flexibility to suit each client’s specific needs. We offer extensive choice from reputable national and local suppliers.

allmanhall deliver full management of the food and catering-related supply chain. Our Supplier Relationship Management Programme creates a more collaborative relationship between client, allmanhall and suppliers. Any underperformance is managed and improved. This results in the suppliers’ adherence to clients’ needs, quality standards and delivery requirements. Risk is mitigated through Accreditation, Service Level Agreements and contracts covering warranties and quality assurance with our Suppliers.

Nutrition, dietetics support and menu design:

We place a huge emphasis on healthy eating and good nutrition. We understand that this is an important consideration for our clients. Therefore, allmanhall offer nutritional assessments and a recipe function, via our catering controls platform. We also provide regular tips and recipes on the Chefs’ Forum of our client portal, The Pass.

Our Dietitians are available for advice and guidance. We also run a range of bespoke workshops on managing a variety of regulatory issues, such as allergen management workshops and nutritional reviews.

New products development and innovative concepts are championed by allmanhall. We can support and facilitate their implementation, keeping menus fresh and exciting. Our ‘Think Outside the Bowl’ workshops provide inspiration in an ever changing market place.

You can read case studies on this, here


allmanhall provide each client with an industry leading, cloud-based catering control platform. It helps clients to track every penny of spend, manage stock and costs and facilitate reporting and control. This software is provided with full support. Implementation, training, software support and developmental updates will be given to all allmanhall procurement clients.

Features of the catering control platform:

  • Stock taking streamlines efficiencies with live data, reduces waste and enables accurate financial reporting.


  • EDI ensures that the ordering and invoice receipt for the core allmanhall suppliers is automatically loaded to the platform, bringing significant efficiencies and enabling full visibility of products purchased.


  • Central billing consolidates all the supplier invoices each month. This saves our clients considerable administrative time and resource.


  • Stock transfers accurately record and track the value of stock movement creating a verifiable audit trail.


  • Wastage recording allows the chefs to record daily wastage amounts to ensure accurate reporting.


  • Financial reporting suite provides real time accurate trading performance and consumption information. 


  • Cash Book module enables daily and weekly returns to be recorded with comparisons to budget.


  • Recipe management to enable full visibility of portion costs and assist gross profit margin calculations. Standardisation of recipes also enables more consistent quality and conformance to standards and legislation.


  • Nutrition analysis and allergen control to keep allergen and nutrition information live. Analysis of allergens and key nutritional data within any given dish is possible.


Expert and ongoing negotiations

Category Managers are experts within their sector, understanding the market, price movements and quality of products. They conduct food price negotiations and manage the supplier base to achieve the best service levels for clients. We monitor domestic, regional and international markets. We undertake detailed commodity analysis, using this information to analyse effectively and forecast future market movements. We use world-leading commodity and ingredient tracking systems to enable independent monitoring and validation of any price movements.

As a result, allmanhall are not reliant on supplier information. We are therefore able to negotiate, with knowledge and expertise. This delivers the best outcomes for our clients in a dynamic and ever changing marketplace. allmanhall conduct continuous supplier negotiations.

As markets change and our negotiations aim to achieve ever-improving terms with suppliers. In addition to those potential savings, by managing our clients’ purchasing mix, we can add further value. We call this ‘range management’.

Keeping you up to date

We also provide reports, insights and updates to ensure clients are kept well-informed and abreast of market changes. Commodity reports, blogs and market analysis are provided to clients via The Pass, providing an understanding of the movements of major commodities and the impact on the supply chain. The Pass is our client portal. It is your ticket to the latest insight and information. You can read more here or download details on our case study page.

allmanhall's 4 pillars of procurement - value, control, insight, support.